2019 Montana Association of Planners Conference Partners

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About MAP The Montana Association of Planners (MAP) is an association of professional planners, from public and private entities; planning board members and interested citizens. Though most often associated with guiding future land use and development, local planning efforts also include planning for public facilities and service needs, historic preservation, environmental protection, transportation, parks and recreation, and economic development. Planning provides options and tools for communities to achieve their vision of the future. MAP takes no position for or against growth, but rather promotes planning as a positive and proactive way to address change in our communities. Contact us: mtplanners.org@gmail.com

2019 Montana Association of Planners Conference Agenda

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Due to limited cell service and slow wi-fi at Chico, attendees are encouraged to download and print the abbreviated and/or full conference program. In the interest of limiting printing costs and reducing waste, MAP will not be providing programs at Chico.