2019 Montana Association of Planners Conference Partners

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About MAP The Montana Association of Planners (MAP) is an association of professional planners, from public and private entities; planning board members and interested citizens. Though most often associated with guiding future land use and development, local planning efforts also include planning for public facilities and service needs, historic preservation, environmental protection, transportation, parks and recreation, and economic development. Planning provides options and tools for communities to achieve their vision of the future. MAP takes no position for or against growth, but rather promotes planning as a positive and proactive way to address change in our communities. Contact us: mtplanners.org@gmail.com

MAP Awards

The Montana Association of Planners (MAP) is seeking nominations to honor outstanding efforts in planning
and planning leadership during our fall conference at Chico Hot Springs,  September 24-26, 2019. We invite you
to participate in the celebration of the best in plans and planners by nominating a project or professional you
think are deserving of such recognition!
The deadline for nominations is August 30, 2019. Evaluation criteria for nominees in the categories
of Outstanding Professional Planner and Outstanding Planning Project can be found below, along with
submittal requirements.

Outstanding Planning Project Award
This award recognizes a comprehensive plan, process, outcome or special planning project of exceptional
merit. This award may go to a project, a combination of projects or a comprehensive planning program. The
award is given for individual or group achievement and may be made to a planning agency, planning team or
firm, individual, community group, or local authority. Individuals nominated for this award must be members
of the Montana Association of Planners. If an agency, firm, or organization is being nominated for an award,
at least one of the principal contributors to the plan, program, or project must be a Montana Association of
Planners member. The project or program must be located in or be associated with a place in Montana. The
following criteria shall be met in order to be eligible for the Outstanding Planning Project award:
• Originality and innovation. The project demonstrates a visionary approach or innovative concept to address
needs, and has broadened accepted planning principles within the context of the situation.
• Transferability. The project has potential application to others in the state and would further the cause
of good planning.
• Quality. The project represents excellence of thought, analysis, writing, and graphics, regardless of budgetary
• Effectiveness and Results. The project effectively addressed the need or problem that prompted its initiation,
and made a difference in the lives of the people affected.
• Comprehensiveness. The project was expansive in reach, comprehensive in nature and addressed elements
that were important to the local community. The project had a positive impact on the built environment,
natural resources, conservation, economic development and/or social considerations
• Public Participation. The project integrated robust outreach and public participation strategies, and
demonstrated public and/or private support.
•Contribution. The project is a significant contribution to its community, region, the state of Montana, or the field of planning; and increased awareness of planners and the planning process.


Outstanding Planner Award
The Outstanding Planner Award recognizes a professional planner or member of a related profession who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of planning and to his or her community. Individuals nominated for this award must be members of the Montana Association of Planners. Self-nominations are not accepted. The following criteria shall be met in order to be eligible for the Outstanding Planner award:
• Exceptional practice. The nominee's body of work or influence should stand out and demonstrate exceptional practice in the planning field.
• Significant contributions. The nominee's contributions to the profession and their community should advance the standard of planning practice and the profession in Montana.
• Effectiveness and results. The nominee should demonstrate effectiveness in formulating and implementing plans and ideas in support of good planning in the state.
Submission Information


Nominations must be submitted electronically and received no later than 5:00 PM on August 30, 2019. Nominations should be sent to allison@orionplanningdesign.com in either Microsoft Word (DOC) or Acrobat Acrobat (PDF) format. If an electronic submittal is not possible, please contact the Awards Committee Chair to discuss alternative formats.


Nominations should include:

Contact information identifying the name of project/planner/team, title of individual(s) nominated, email, phone number, and respective award category applied for;
• Narrative of how the entry meets the respective Award Criteria. The narrative’s main purpose is to answer this question: What distinguishes the nominated person or project from others and so merits an award?
• Supporting materials including the plan, plan element, ordinance, or other document that is the subject of the nomination; newspaper articles, digital images, letters of support, and other supporting documents, as applicable). Please note:


Supporting materials submitted may be used in a slideshow during the awards ceremony, to honor both nominees and award recipients.

Completion of the nomination form and submittal of narrative and supporting material is the responsibility of the nominator. The Awards Committee cannot complete or augment an incomplete submittal. Entries become the property of MAP and will not be returned.


Judging and Awards Ceremony
Judging for Montana Association of Planners Awards will take place in early September. Jurors are under no obligation to grant an award in any category and may select to move a nomination to a different category. Nominators of submissions will be notified confidentially by September 16th, 2019. Official announcements of submissions receiving awards will be made after all nominators have been notified.

Recognition of submissions receiving awards will be made at the Montana Association of Planners Annual Conference in Chico Hot Springs September 24-26, 2019. Award recipients will be invited to exhibit their projects, plans, or programs at the conference, and receive recognition in conference materials. Recipients of MAP Awards will be featured on the MAP website. If award recipients are unable to attend the conference or would prefer a presentation be made in a local venue, a representative from MAP will travel to the recipient community to present the award and recognize all parties involved in the planning project or activity.