2019 Montana Association of Planners Conference Partners

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About MAP The Montana Association of Planners (MAP) is an association of professional planners, from public and private entities; planning board members and interested citizens. Though most often associated with guiding future land use and development, local planning efforts also include planning for public facilities and service needs, historic preservation, environmental protection, transportation, parks and recreation, and economic development. Planning provides options and tools for communities to achieve their vision of the future. MAP takes no position for or against growth, but rather promotes planning as a positive and proactive way to address change in our communities. Contact us: mtplanners.org@gmail.com

Planning for Paradise

Big ideas in the planning profession from across the Big Sky.


The Call for Presenters for the 2019 MAP Conference at Chico Hot Springs Resort in the Paradise Valley of Montana is now open. The Conference will run from September 24 to September 26. Share your projects, ideas, and experience with others and help grow the planning profession in Montana! 



We are accepting proposals for standard 1.25 hours sessions or deep dive sessions. Deep dive sessions include workshops, charrettes or tours in the following themes that last between 2.5 hours and 8 hours.

Planning for People

These sessions will focus on unique or emerging challenges, practices, or solutions cropping up across the State and beyond in response to changes affecting the people of our communities. We encourage potential presenters to think outside of the normal realm of planning topics or scenarios so we as planners can learn more from parallel professions. For example, how have our National Parks adapted to meet the needs of ever increasing visitation on a stagnant budget and what can we learn from this as land use planners?


Planning for Places

These sessions will focus on an aspects of planning practice or a specific project that was or is a distinctive response to a location specific issue from somewhere across our state. This does not mean that the issue must be unique to some single loci, rather that the process or response was driven and shaped by location specific factors. Topics may include rural or urban issues, wildlife planning, national or state parks, urban design, water resource planning, policy creation, etc.


Planning with Partnerships

These sessions will focus on planning related partnerships between various people, jurisdictions, agencies or departments. Sessions should focus around a planning project or outcome that was achieved through a successfully orchestrated partnership. The audience will especially be interested in the circumstances leading to the creation of the partnership, challenges and how they were overcome, and the process and/or any specific facets of the partnership that contributed to a successful project or outcome.


Ethics and Law

We will accept proposals on ethics or law that meet the AICP requirements for those topics. Please plan on these sessions being 1.5 hours. Please visit https://www.planning.org/cm/activities/eligibility/ for additional information on the content needed to meet law and ethics requirements.


All presentations must (a) meet a planning related objective of your choice, (b) be unbiased and non-promotional, and (c) communicate a clearly identified educational purpose or objective. Submissions must be made by Sunday June 30, 2019.

We will be providing CM credits for those attending sessions. In order to facilitate that process, all submissions for presentation must be completed in the following format. Copy and paste the information below into a word document, fill out all of the information, and email back to info@mtplanners.org


Presentation title:


Presentation description:


Speaker(s) name (please indicate any professional certifications):


Speaker(s) bio:


Speaker(s) email address:



Email your proposal to info@mtplanners.org by June 30.